Broadcast Sessions

NexConnect introduces “Broadcast Sessions” where videos having both educational and entertainment components will be regularly shown to students in fixed time slots. These videos are collated and properly chosen from the cyber world. These edutainment multi-lingual videos are based on diverse subject areas such as History, Folk Tales, Science, Cartoons and many more. These videos have been chosen keeping in mind the age group of our students which is 5-16 years.

How to take Broadcast Sessions?

Anyone can view the Broadcast sessions. Since these sessions are asynchronous (no live classes) there is no upper limit to the number of viewers. But the target audience for these edutainment video sessions are primarily young learners. These sessions are broadcast throughout the week, six times a day. Various videos on varied topics are distributed throughout the week in different time slots. One can only watch them during specified time-slot, as given in weekly time table.

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