About Us

NexConnect Ventures Pvt. Ltd. [Incubated at IIM Calcutta Innovation Park] is a social business venture seeking to address issues of exclusion by empowering communities and connecting them digitally. Our product, NexConnect is an Online Live teaching -learning platform that connects quality teachers with all kinds of learners from urban, semi-urban and rural areas through inter­active on-line LIVE teaching and training sessions using audio-visual content following board/course specific curriculum.

NexConnect Ventures Pvt. Ltd. was one of the implementation partners of one of ITRA's project (Post Disaster Situation Analysis and Resource Management using Delay Tolerant Peer to peer wireless Networks) within Digital India Corporation.

Why NexConnect - The Problem

Existing rural-urban education and knowledge.

Lack of holistic learning environment.

Poor Accessibility of good teachers.

Lack of uniform teaching learning materials.

Lack of individual care and support.


Live classes

Quality experienced teachers

Board /Course specific digital content

Personalized mentoring and monitoring

Global connect

Our Target Customers

Children from classes I-XII who need tutoring for academic subjects.

NRI students based out of India who need spoken Bengali training.

Adult learners who need spoken language training


Students from class's I-XII who need tutoring for academic subjects.

Young Adults/Adults who needs Competency based trainings, vocational trainings, skill-building trainings

Rural Women/Men who need Counselling