How to Take This Course

As a student or Study Centre Administrator: To take this course select a teacher by clicking "Take this course". You will be directed to the login page. After you login to your account, click on search course. To take your desired course, click the "Add to My Bucket" button present next to the teacher you wish to select. You can view the hourly charges of the teacher and apply for a discount by contacting us. NexConnect Team will contact your selected teacher and inform you further about the time and date negotiation of online classes. After mutual agreement of timings, students and teachers will initiate sessions from their respective dashboards.
As a Teacher: To take a course i.e. to teach a particular course, first login. You will be directed to your dashboard. After you click on Courses, you will be able to view the list of courses available. Click on "Add to My Bucket" against your selected course. Your request will be forwarded to our Administrator. Our team will contact you soon after allotting you a student. An online teacher can share any video or PPT file while taking the online classes. She/he can take the help of an e-book or use a physical book. Teachers can request the Administrator for further assistance with Teaching Learning Materials.