Common FAQ:

What is NexConnect?

NexConnect is an online learning platform that connects students from all socio economic and geographical backgrounds with senior experienced teachers. This platform aims at providing quality education both formal and non-formal to all students with help from senior teachers using structured digital content. NexConnect is such a platform where teachers and students have live interaction opportunities where students can not only study regular subjects but also get expert advices and suggestions on career, skill development and psychological problems. Both teachers and students can also write Blogs to share their thoughts and experiences.

Who can be a part of NexConnect?

1. Senior experienced teachers with years of teaching experience or retired professionals who have passion in teaching or home-makers who have experiences of teaching students from all socio-economic backgrounds.
2. Students from any socio-economic or geographical backgrounds who needs assistance in studies.
3. Youths from all socio-economic background who needs skill based training, expert advices on career, psychological and medical problems.

Why should I choose NexConnect?

NexConnect is the one and only platform that provides students from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn from highly experienced senior teachers using audio-visual teaching-learning materials that has been developed by experts from relevant fields. It is also such an online platform where senior teachers will have the opportunity to share their experiences and interact with students live. Students will receive assistance with both formal and non-formal learning in forms of grandparenting and vocational training.

How can I become a member of NexConnect?

To become a member of NexConnect you will have to go through the following steps:-
A) Go to the homepage of NexConnect
B) Click on the JOIN US option
C) Based on your role as an online teacher, student or classroom administrator, click on register (One time registration)
D) Fill up the registration form
E) Once you complete registration process, you will get access of your Owlish Account (as a student). If you are an online teacher/classroom administrator our administrator will verify your registration and thereafter you will get access to your own account.

What infrastructural support do I need to have to be a part of NexConnect?

To be a part of NexConnect, first you need to assure that you have high speed internet connectivity at your place. Apart from that following are the hardware requirements you need to have:-
A) Desktop with Webcam (with a lens of 2 megapixel or more), Speakers, Headphone. (Preferable support)
B) Laptop with Headphone (preferable support)
C) Tablet with headphone
D) Smart Phone with headphone

What should be an ideal setup for taking a class through NexConnect?

The ideal setup for taking the class through NexConnect should be as follows:-
A) Always sit facing the source of light and keep the system in front of you
B) Place the Webcam (in case of a desktop) in the top middle portion of the monitor.
C) Sit in front of the webcam, switch on your video and check whether you are properly seen or not.
D) Plug in the headphones in the right port.
E) Keep the speakers at a reasonable distance from the monitor (3 feet approximately). Otherwise it may catch frequency and create noise or echo

Do I have to enter into a contract or buy any license to be a part of NexConnect?

No, you neither have to enter into any contract nor have to buy any license to be a part of NexConnect. Once you register with us you continue to become our lifelong members.

Can I access owlishOracle from my mobile, tablet?

NexConnect can be used from tablet provided you attach a headphone with it while taking the class. As far as mobile phones are concerned, NexConnect can be accessed only from smart phones. However the platform runs best in a Computer system (Desktop, Laptop) having special customized peripherals (Headphones,Speakers,Webcam)

What will I do if I have internet problems while taking the class?

If you face Internet problem, following are the steps that you need to follow:-
A) Check your internet connection and wait for some time (5mins approx.)
B) Logout of the existing system and then again log-in. If one time logging out does not work then try it for 2 to 3 times.
C). If the problem does not get fixed, restart your machine and log in into the system once again
D) If still the problem persists and twenty minutes of class time has already passed call off the class for that particular day. (You can also contact our customer support)

What will I do if I have an audio problem while taking the class?

If you face audio problems before or during the class then following steps need to be followed:-
A) Check if you have turned on the audio of the particular online classroom
B) Check if the audio jack is loosely connected to the port.
C) Check if the audio of your computer/desktop/tablet/smart phone is muted or not.
D) Increase the volume to a reasonable level
E) Check whether you have plugged-in the audio jack in the right port.
F) Log out from your existing system and then again login
If the problem still persists contact our customer support.

What will I do if I have video problem?

If you face video problems before or during the class then following steps need to be followed:-
A) Log out from your existing system and then login again.
B) Check whether you have plugged the webcam in the right slot.
C) Check if you have turned on the video of the particular online classroom.
(If still the problem persists contact our customer support)

What is the purpose of Community?

At NexConnect, apart from taking regular classes, students and teachers can communicate and interact among themselves by using Blog, Online Expert Connect, Discussion Forum and Broadcast Sessions. Members can write Blogs to share their experiences and thoughts. Through Online Expert Connect, students can connect live with Experts for assistances on specific academic topics, career counselling, health and psychological problems on a given date and time. Students can post their query on any academic subject by using Discussion Forum. Our expert panel of teachers will answer the queries. Edutainment videos will be played on various topics such as Indian history, Mythology, Science etc in different time slots. Students can view them by clicking on the Broadcast Session Time table.

What is Online Expert Connect and how can I access it?

Through Online Expert Connect, students can connect live with Experts for assistances on specific academic topics, career counselling, health and psychological problems on a given date and time. To access Online Expert Connect, students or Study centre administrator will have to first register to NexConnect. After registering, he/she will have to go to Online Expert Connect and register to a given session. All available live classes can viewed in the displayed routine.

How can I write a Blog?

To write a Blog you need to first register yourself to NexConnect as a student/online teacher/Study centre administrator. To only comment on the existing Blogs you need not register yourself to NexConnect.

What is Discussion Forum and how can I access it?

Students can post their query on any academic subjects by using Discussion Forum. To use Discussion Forum first you need to register yourself to NexConnect. As a student if you have any doubt regarding a particular topic post your query by clicking on the Discussion Forum button. You can also post a handwritten message. Our panel of expert teachers will answer your queries in some time. You can ask more questions to the expert by mailing him/her.

What is a Broadcast session and how can I be a part of the sessions?

Edutainment videos will be played on various topics such as Indian history, Mythology, Science etc in different time slots. Students can view them by clicking on the Broadcast Session Time table. To watch the videos in Broadcast session, you need to first register yourself to NexConnect.

What is the purpose of credit points?

As a student or as a study centre administrator, you need to buy credit points to initiate online classes. For an online teacher, your credit points are added which can be redeemed later.

As a student or study centre administrator, shall I get discount on credit points?

Yes, based on your socio-economic background charges for each session has been maintained at NexConnect. To apply for discount, please apply for discount by contacting us.

For Students in One to One Online Classes:

What will I learn here?

As a student you can learn:
1. Academic subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science,
2. Vocational subjects such as Computer Basics, Spoken English, Entrepreneurial Skills, Tailoring,
3. Get Expert advices on difficult topics, psychological and health related issues and career counselling
4. Grand-parenting such as story-telling, recitation, art & craft and world knowledge

How is learning different in NexConnect?

Senior experienced teachers do not only teach they also share their valuable knowledge with students by using interesting audio-visual digital course materials. As a student you will get the opportunity to interact with expert teachers and get information on non-academic subjects such as tailoring, entrepreneurial skills, counselling etc. which will help you sharpen your skills. This platform is unique because here you can enjoy learning by connecting with enthusiastic teachers and get acquainted with a colourful world that is not bound within the pages of your book.

Can I learn alone?

If you want to get personalised attention from your online teacher, you can register yourself to one-to-one learning.

Can I take online classes with my friends?

Yes, you can take online classes with your friends, but the maximum number of students should not be more than three. You need to take your online teacher's permission. If needed, you can contact our administrator for further information and clarification.

How can I choose and finalise a Teacher?

You can search for a teacher from the panel given on the website/ you can send a request to us to search a teacher for you. If you choose a teacher, then a request will be sent to Owlish Administrator. NexConnect Team will contact you further after the teacher has been finalised based on individual requirements and preferred time slots.

How will I schedule class with my teacher?

First you will have to login to your NexConnect account by providing the proper login credentials. As you scroll down, you will find a space where you can request weekly and single class schedules. Enter all the details there with regard to preferred time and date. Your request will be forwarded to your selected teacher by our NexConnect Team. You can also mail your teacher beforehand for negotiation of session time table. After confirmation of the negotiated time, current session will be displayed in Today's Class section.

How do I attend a class through NexConnect?

In order to take a class through NexConnect following steps need to be followed:-
1. Log in with your e-mail ID and password
2. You will be directed to your Dashboard
3. Click on "TODAY'S CLASS" to check your class schedule for the day
4. Click on "START CLASS" to attend the class that you are supposed to attend at that time. You will receive a reminder SMS from NexConnect Team before you start your session.

Can I attend multiple classes?

Yes, you can attend multiple classes in a day. But you will have to schedule for each class by entering your request in Schedule Single Class.

How many times can I schedule a class?

You can schedule umpteen number times throughout a day and throughout a week. But you will have to first negotiate time slots with your teacher and your schedule request will be sent to Owlish administrator.

Can I cancel classes? How many times can I cancel a class?

Yes, you can cancel single class or weekly classes. You can cancel any number of times. But we would suggest you to please inform your online teacher about cancelling classes before you do so.

How will I pay my teacher?

Before you start a class, you will have to add any amount to your virtual wallet by clicking on the option Add Credit Points. This amount is converted to credit point which gets deducted before you start a class. The credit point amount is based on the rate of the teacher mentioned in her/his profile.

Should my payment start from the day I join?

No, you will get the opportunity to take few free trial classes.

Can I get special concession if I have financial problems?

Yes, you will get definitely a concession. But you have to send us a special request stating your problems properly from our contact us section.

How can I contact my preferred online teacher?

You can message her/him. If she/he does not reply to your mail, you can contact our administrator who will in turn connect with your teacher.

How will I pay my teacher?

Based on the specific rate of your preferred teacher, you will have to first add money to your credit account.

How can I access and buy the digital course materials?

Your online teacher will use the digital course materials while taking the class. You will be able to view only. If you want to purchase any particular course materials go to ADD COURSES, Search for your preferred course, scroll down the screen, click on want to purchase Course materials.

What is the payment method for availing the course materials?

Administrator will contact you when you send the request of purchasing course materials.

What is the method of performance evaluation?

Each course material that will be shared by the online teacher consists of worksheets, assessment sheets. Teachers will regularly assess you by taking tests online. Our research team will regularly monitor your classes, keep records of your assessments and will share the accumulated scores with student and parents from time to time.

How can I evaluate my online teacher?

NexConnect administrator will send a feedback and evaluation sheet to you through e-mail where you will be able to score your respective online teacher.

If I am not satisfied with my teacher, what will I do?

You can remove your online teacher from your dashboard. If needed our administrator will contact you for further inquiry.

If I want to recommend my online teacher, how will I do it?

You can write a mail to us in Contact Us or you can write about your online teacher in Blog.

Can I avail a teacher for a short period of time?

Yes, you can. You will have to inform your teacher about it.

If I have any doubt, what will I do?

If you have any doubt with regard to any academic subject, you can either post query in Discussion Forum or get connected with experts through Online Expert Connect.

How can I access Online Expert Connect and Discussion Forum?

First, you will have to login as a student. Then go to Online Expert Connect Tab. You will see a time table of varied sessions displayed throughout a day and week. If you are interested in taking a session, you will have to register yourself to the session by clicking on the routine. Once NexConnect administrator gives you the permission to be a part of the session, you will be able to join the session on stipulated time.
To post your query, go to Discussion Forum Tab and write your queries (text and handwritten). Your queries will be answered by our panel of Expert Teachers/Mentors.

When and how can I access the broadcast channel?

To access our Broadcast sessions, click on broadcast session tab. To view the daily routine of edutainment videos click on proceed. If you want to watch any video, click on the link.

How can I write a Blog?

To write a Blog, first login and then go to Blog tab. You can then write your own Blog by clicking on Write Blog. You can also comment on others’ Blogs.

If I want to connect to other students, how will I do it?

You will not be able to connect to other students in NexConnect. You can view other students’ blogs and comments.

For Online Teachers:

What is the process of becoming an online teacher at NexConnect?

If you are an experienced senior teacher, a retired teacher or passionate teacher with a strong educational background, register yourself with NexConnect. First you will have to fill a short registration form and attach your resume. After a first level scrutiny, our administrator will provide you the login credentials. After that our administrator will further contact you to fix a date for an online interview and teaching demonstration. After you qualify this final step, you will become our Owlish Online Teacher. Your profile gets published in the platform. Students and Owlish Internet School Administrators can choose you from our panel of displayed online teachers. Our administrator will further contact you and schedule classes based on you and your students preferred date and time.

What are the different things I can do at NexConnect?

As an online teacher you can do the following things:
1. Take online classes on academic subjects for students of classes I to 10.
2. Take online vocational courses for adult learners.
3. Provide counselling sessions to students.
4. Provide Grand-parenting to young students
5. Connect with students on an informal level through non-formal subjects.
6. Share thoughts and experiences with everyone by writing Blogs.

What benefits will I get from NexConnect?

As a senior teacher, NexConnect will provide you with the opportunity to share your vast experience and knowledge with children from distant places. You get to connect with the children just by sitting at your home. Also you get paid for the classes that you take.

Is there a minimum qualification for becoming a teacher at owlishOracle?

The minimum qualification for teaching as an elderly as well as providing mentorship is graduate in any subject. An experience in teaching, D.Ed. /B.Ed. would preferred.

Do I get paid for teaching?

Yes, you get paid according to the number of hours you teach through NexConnect in a day/month. By being a part of NexConnect you are utilizing your time in a constructive way by helping us disseminate help in building knowledge in the society.

If I choose to teach at NexConnect, how and when do I get paid?

You will have Credit point wallet where your credit points will get added before you start taking any class. These credit points are redeemable in both cash and kind.

Shall I get training to be an online teacher?

Yes, you need to click the option "Request for Training" online after clicking the option "To Get Trained". We have volunteers who can either give you support via telephone or Skype or by visiting your place for a few days. You can also write us at contact us section.

How shall I start a fresh class?

Our administrator will contact you when a student sends a request to take classes from you. The administrator will then schedule a class. You will have to start the particular class by installing a specially customizable video conferencing meeting room. The details on how to launch a class is given in the Guideline document in your dashboard.

Can I take multiple classes?

Yes you can take multiple classes but not at the same time. You can take one class at a time.

How many hours do I have to devote minimum as a teacher?
It completely depends on your convenience and choice. However we would suggest that you devote at least four hours in a week.
For taking a class who will contact me first?

Our administrator will contact you first.

As a teacher how can I schedule a class?

As an online teacher you will not be able to schedule class by yourself, either your student or administrator will schedule classes. But they will negotiate date and time with you. You can request for classes and students by contacting us.

Can I cancel a class?

No, you cannot cancel a class, but you can place request to the administration for removing your student.

If I want to change my allotted student what do I have to do?

You can click on Remove Student in your dashboard.

How do I access course materials?

Teachers will receive daily course-materials along with assessment sheets on an everyday basis in their Drop-Box which needs to be installed. At the end of the day, it will get automatically removed.

Can I purchase course materials?

Yes, you can purchase course materials by putting request to administrator.

For NexConnect Internet Schools:

Who is a Study Centre Administrator?

A study centre administrator can be either owner of a particular NexConect Internet School or representative of the Internet School/Study Centre. She/he is responsible towards managing the entire NexConnect Internet School and all the classrooms that are registered within the Internet School.

What is your role as a Study Centre Administrator?

As a study centre administrator you can do the following things:
1. You can create classroom/s for conducting online classes and distribute login credentials to the classroom co-ordinator who will be responsible towards managing each classroom within an Owlish Internet School.
2. You can modify (change password) and delete classroom
3. You can manage Credit Point
4. You can create and modify classroom time-table
5. You can maintain student data base
6. Apart from managing the classrooms in the Owlish Internet School, you can also be part of the Community section of NexConnect
7. You can search for courses and online teachers and choose your preferred subject teacher for your students.

What is a classroom in NIS?

NexConnect Internet School that caters to number of students can run parallel sessions throughout a day. To conduct parallel sessions, each NIS needs to have multiple classrooms so that different students can learn varied /same subjects from different teachers online during same time periods.

What is the use of classroom in NIS?

Multiple classrooms are created to have parallel sessions at a single time period. Classroom co-ordinators are responsible towards maintaining each classroom within a study centre or NIS. She/he will have to login as instructed by the study centre administrator and then view scheduled classes. She/he will initiate online session from the current class routine.

Who will be the user of the classrooms?

Classroom co-ordinator will be in charge of managing the classrooms and initiating each online session. He/she is the representative of the students in a particular classroom.

How to create a new classroom in NIS?

A Study Centre administrator will have to click on classroom management and then add a class room

How many classrooms can I create?

As a classroom administrator, you can create multiple classrooms in NIS but it depends on the number of parallel sessions.

What can I do if my classroom co-ordinator forgets password?

There is an option to reset class room password of your account.

Can I delete my classroom when necessary?

Yes, by clicking the delete classroom option. But once you delete a classroom the entire class time table with information for all days will also get deleted and it cannot be altered under any circumstance.

How will credit points be deducted from my wallet?

Once the class starts, a particular credit point gets deducted from the NIS wallet.

As Study Centre Administrator how will I add a new classroom?

You will have to click on Manage Classroom and click on Add classroom.

Can I manage student data base?

Yes, from student admin section.

How will I assign roles of classroom co-ordinators?

You will be able to assign roles of classroom co-ordinators by providing login id and password

Can I modify class time table?

Yes you can modify class time table from classroom time table section.

How many times can I cancel classes?

You can cancel your sessions whenever you require. But we recommend not to cancel more than three times.