About NexConnect Internet School(NIS)

NexConnect Internet Schools are online study centers where students can get quality learning experiences at a subsidised rate through our NexConnect platform in a classroom setting.

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How to create a NIS?

An individual interested in creating an NIS must have a classroom with computer system and high speed internet connectivity. The NIS owner works on profit sharing basis with NexConnect and is provided with start-up assistance for the first few months.

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Activities of NexConnect Internet School


Register as an NIS owner, get verified, ask for assistance in setting up NIS

Step 1
Step 2


NexConnect Admin will complete the due diligence with you and initiate your membership.


Login to create virtual classrooms, allot class coordinators, finalize class schedule and request for teachers.

Step 3
Step 4


Coordinators will login to the different classrooms and start virtual sessions with allocated teachers.


NexConnect provides free classes for the first month. For continuing classes, NIS owners will have to buy credit points.

Step 5