NexConnect Internet School/Study Centre

To create a robust distribution network that would help us facilitate education for all despite geographical boundaries, it is crucial to set up NexConnect Internet Schools/ Centres. We are on the lookout for franchisees that would be hosting and running NexConnect Study Centers/ Franchisee. Each Internet school will provide a digital environment where students will be able to connect with online teachers and learn various subjects.

Eligibility to be a NexConnect Franchisee

Anyone can be a NexConnect Franchisee. However, we encourage young people especially housewives with interest in becoming independent micro-entrepreneurs. She/he must be eager to provide services to children/rural people by transferring quality learning. These internet schools will be less profit oriented and more service oriented. We are seeking expression of interests especially from the following groups:

1. Common Service Center owners who are looking forward to expand their business, can host NexConnect Study centres.

2. Cyber cafe owners who are looking forward to expand their business , can host .NexConnect Study centres

3. Entrepreneurs who are seeking to set up new businesses, and are looking for a respectable means of earning. However would prefer the entrepreneurs to have a basic graduation degree.

4. Rural Self Help Group women, who are members of micro financial enterprises or are running their own small scale businesses or are interested in doing so. These women entrepreneurs must have at least upper primary i.e. class 8 level educational qualifications.

5. House-wives in semi urban areas can also host NexConnect study centres, as their entrepreneurial venture.

Where Can NexConnect Franchisee Be Setup?

To set up an NIS one needs a classroom (for 3-20 students), computer system with peripherals, and robust internet connectivity. Hence we encourage NIS being setup wherever there is a need for education.

Prerequisites or Franchise Specifications

1. Can accommodate a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 25 students.
2. Can comprise of a single classroom or multiple classrooms (to conduct parallel sessions).
3. A single classroom dimensions should be preferably at least 100 sq. ft.
4. Each room must have:
  I. High speed broadband internet connection
II. One desktop/laptop with computer peripherals like camera, and speakers
III. One projector system for a larger classroom
IV. Basic infrastructure for seating (chairs, benches etc.)
V. Stable electricity connection
5. Each class should be monitored by a classroom coordinator. She/he must register to NexConnect to take classes.
6. To have a profit margin, each Internet school must accommodate 6 sessions per day (each slot one hour duration).
7. Number of hours to be taught:
  I. Online School Academics Teaching: Four to Six one-hour sessions per day
II. Online Vocational Training: Two to Three one-hour sessions per day
III. At any level of study, each student will spend two sessions per week for any subject, each session duration being one hour.
IV. A student will attend average 9 sessions per month on each subject.
8. Offering at each NIS:
  I. Academic Subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science with Board-Specific Structured Digital Course Material provided by NexConnect.
II. Mentoring/Grand-parenting for Holistic Development: Stories and Poems, Music, Art and Crafts, Performing Arts, World Knowledge, Value Education.
III. Vocational training beyond School for Young Adults: Soft skills, Entrepreneurship, Agro-based training, Computer basics, Banking and finance, Handicrafts, Costume designing.
IV. Counseling by experts: Career counseling, Psychological counseling, Medical counseling
V. The center will also give individual access to internet as a source of Digital Library free of cost. The center will provide Wi-Fi access to Internet and the students will use Smart phone /Tablets.
VI. The center will also conduct video based broadcast Entertainment Shows as and when it can arrange for free slots, preferably on Sundays and Saturdays.
9. Payment methods: Based on our standard Rate charts, NexConnect Franchisees will be paying NexConnect through online payment mode. The NIS owner will need to negotiate offline with our administration in case of any help required.

What is to be done in order to become a NexConnect Franchisee?

1. Visit the NexConnect Portal and register yourself
2. After registration the administration will verify your profile and screen you through the standard screening process.
3. For village level franchisees, the entire process can be manual and they need to contact us by phone and our franchisee-coordinator will communicate with them.
4. We would also require a detailed description of the location and feasibility of the franchise with regards to availability of stable electricity and internet connection.
5. Details of the current infrastructure available will also be required so that we can guide the franchisee towards building an NIS.
6. Once we obtain the basic requirements our franchisee - coordinator will communicate with them and proceed.
7. After a physical visit to the location and ratification of details the franchisee will enter into an agreement with NexConnect.
8. The franchisee must take responsibility of advertisements, identification of customers/students and arrangement and scheduling of class.
9. Once the franchise is set up and students have enrolled, coordinators must be allotted and a teacher requirement should be submitted to the portal and we will coordinate with the on-line teacher accordingly.
10. The franchisee will be given entire learning management support for the center.
11. An NIS center will get initial start-up support for the first 6 months.
12. Classes for the first 2 months are free and NexConnect will not charge the teacher fee or platform charge.
13. Six month will be the moratorium period, in-case NexConnect provides an infrastructural or monetary loan to the NIS owner. (Subject to discussion)
14. Each center will be provided with a set-up kit, which will contain all finance and marketing documents.For further assistance Click Here

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