Experiences of NexConnect Students: One to One learning

Anisha M. Mukherjee

I am a class VI student of Pratt Memorial School. A year long experience of learning mathematics through NexConnect's on-line classes is sheer fun! With a boon of zero complicated web-technologies, I can study anytime, anywhere without carrying loads of books or wasting time by travelling distances for tuitions. Lively and captivating interactive classes engages me with visuals like powerpoint presentation, videos along with step by step explanation of each and every sum using white board. This really helps me to understand and sharpen my critical and analytical thinking process. Apart from giving mock tests and assignments in mathematics ma'am also gives me tips on better performance for various other subjects and also guides me for my projects works. Now learning mathematics has become a really joyful experience. I really look forward for the exciting classes and never miss them.

Sanskriti Basu

I am a class IV student of G.D Birla Centre for Education. Though Bengali is my mother tongue, studying it was a nightmare. Thanks to NexConnect for gifting me with a teacher cum grand-father who through the online grand-parenting classes teaches me to read stories, write essays and recite poems using proper voice modulations and perfect pronunciation. Attending regular classes for the past 8 months had helped me to improve my spelling mistakes as well as all the grammatical errors. Apart from studies I also enjoy the story-telling classes where I can watch a lot of videos like the epics of Ramayana, Mahabharata etc , stories with morals like Panchatantra etc. While learning the good values and morals I also enjoy my grandfather cum teacher's pampering as he treats me often by playing my favourite cartoon shows.

Learning at NexConnect Internet Schools

Chandanpiri Ramkrishna Asram, Namkhana

We the students of class 7 and 8 of Chandanpiri Shri Ramkrishna Ashram have been learning English and Maths through NexConnect's on-line classes for the past 6 months. Recently we have also started with Spoken English classes. The on-line learning experience has been an amazing one where we get a live teacher along with a structured audio visual display of our course material as per our curriculum. We really want to thank NexConnect for gifting us with such wonderful teachers who has made the entire process of learning so exciting and interesting. Also the materials that the teacher uses while teaching us are very colourful and graphical. She often shows us videos, graphic- charts from the internet related to the subject that we are learning, which helps us to understand the topic in a better way. Never before learning had been so much of fun!

Sikhsha Niketan, Burdwan

We the students of class 2 , Shiksha Niketan School Burdwan has been attending on-line grand -parenting classes through NexConnect for the past 10 months. In these classes we had an opportunity to study different subjects such as Bengali, English, Science, Maths etc in a very interesting way with attractive visuals along with innovative and engaging assignments. Thanks to NexConnect for unfurling before us an exciting world of powerpoint presentations, videos , animations along with highly experienced live teachers who helps us to understand the lessons in a better way. We consider ourselves lucky enough to receive such holistic education under one platform.

Kandi Mahila Unnayan Samiti, Kandi, Murshidabad

NexConnect's online classes at Kandi Mahila Unnayan Samiti had not only bridged the distance of space but also opened a new horizon for all of us in this village. Attending the on-line tailoring classes for the past 3 months had really helped us to improve our skills of cutting and stitching with proper measurements and correct neckline. The nuances of tailoring explained by a very experienced teacher and the audio visual displays helped us with a better practical output. The varied designs and their finesse displayed on the screen motivates us to stitch garments with perfection. On the other hand the Spoken English classes are helping the young and old to improve their vocabulary, pronunciation and correct grammatical usages. The impact of attending these classes for the past six months are overwhelming as we all try to speak in English with each other in our day to day dealings. Thanks to NexConnect for making us global citizens.


We the students of Nibedita Poor Child School , Kalicharanpur feel really blessed with NexConnect's online classes of English and Spoken English, with live teachers and attractive videos. Learning grammar for the past 2 months is fun as we can watch visuals which help us to understand the difficult things in a easier way. Reading with correct stress and intonation, recitation with proper voice modulation are taught by very experienced teachers. We eagerly look forward for our Spoken English classes where maam teaches us how to speak in proper English. Proper pronunciation, diction, usage of correct vocabulary and phonetics are constantly taught with the help of videos, visual display of the reading materials and the whiteboard where maam writes and explains. With madam's encouragement we always interact in English inside our classroom , at home or elsewhere. Thank You NexConnect for now English has become our very own language we speak in and express our views.